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Linde Werdelin: a suggestion for the next Bond movie

I recently saw Quantum of Solace in the movie theatre, where Daniel Craig wears his Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. Although Omega is one of my favorite brands, I think the new replica watches by Linde Werdelin are better suited for his needs. Let me explain.

The replica watches by Linde Werdelin are pure luxury sportswatches, but do combine with the latest digital sports instruments. The fake watch is called the Biformeter and is available in three versions. The Elemental, Two Timer (extra timezone) and the Hard Black DLC. These replica watches are powered by an ETA 2892 / 2893 automatic mechanical movement which secure reliable and accurate time keeping. The Elemental is only available in 316L graded stainless steel, the Two Timer in 316L graded stainless steel and in 18 carat gold. The Hard Black DLC model is a limited time piece, produced in a serie of 22 watches. The fake watch case have been blasted with carbon making them second only to diamonds in terms of hardness. The DLC is therefor James Bond's ultimate watch, useable in extreme environments.

The stainless steel replica watches are available on a variety of straps, including stainless steel. The DLC and gold models come on a rubber strap. On the Linde Werdelin website you are able to order them in various colors. Leather straps are also available. A smart move by Linde Werdelin to sell these straps through their own website. This is something more brands should do.

So, what's the digital instrument in the picture there? That's the Sea Instrument. A digital device for divers that can be attached on top of the Biformeter watch. The Sea Instrument will constantly guide divers, tracking the critical pieces of information needed on any dive using an advanced 3-axis compass, CPU?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s and alarm systems. Presenting the data, using strong graphical displays, it features the divers depth, dive time, vital decompression stops, temperature, maximum depth and surface interval times, constantly keeping the user in a real time picture.

Are you more into skiing? No problem. There is also the Land Instrument.

This 40 gram digital masterpiece (equivalent to 8 sheets of A4 paper) is unmatched in the timekeeping category. It easily clips on top of the Biformeter fake watch to provide protection, guidance and entertainment when needed. Water resistant to 30m, the Land Instrument is timeless with the software programmed in house to allow Linde Werdelin to continually upgrade and improve the functions. The Land Instrument has a number of cool functions : Temperature including frostbite warning alarm, heart rate including calorie count function, chronograph, 3-axis compass with inclination sensor, altimeter with isotherm, barometer and a logbook.

The Sea Instrument is available for 1000 UKP and the Land Instrument is available for 700 UKP. The Biformeter timepieces start at 2490 UKP for the stainless steel Elemental watch.

Shown below, the 18 carat gold Two Timer model. Which is currently sold out, but was available for 10.850 UKP.

Make sure to visit the Linde Werdelin website to check out their online videos on these ultimate tool watches! Information on pricing, technical specifications on the replica watches and instruments, accessories (straps, adapters, chargers) etc. are also available through their website.

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