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Linde Werdelin 3-Timer Returns As Classic ?Two More Models

Back in 2009, Linde Werdelin showed me their (then) new 3-Timer and I was smitten by it. Actually, I ordered the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer with brown dial and matching brown leather strap on the spot. Then, in the years after, the collection changed quite a bit at Linde Werdelin and so did their pricing model. The 3-Timer disappeared and instead, Linde Werdelin came up with the Spido and Oktopus collections. Beautiful replica watches for sure, but in a different price category as those 3-Timers, 2-Timers and Linde Werdelin One models.

Not too long ago, Linde Werdelin noticed an increased interest in those discontinued models and decided to bring back the 3-Timer. A very cool collaboration was done with our colleague Kristian Haagen (8Past10), with the brown coloured edition of the 3-Timer. I am not exactly sure whether it is the same brown tone, but the fake watch looks very similar to the one I used to have. Linde Werdelin also released a version with a brown-gold (DLC) coloured case and brown dial, referred to as the 3-Timer Chocolate, limited to 33 pieces only. The 3-Timer Kristian Haagen edition is also limited to 33 pieces, 11 pieces more than the original 3-Timer in brown from 2009.

Below, an image of the original 3-Timer in brown in my little fake watch box with my Royal Oak and Ingenieur 3227. Now you also understand why I like the 3-Timer (or any of the Linde Werdelin designs) so much. It is an old picture, but you get the idea.

Linde Werdelin 3-Timer Midnight and Ocean

Besides the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer Chocolate and Kristian Haagen edition, two new models have been added: the Midnight and the Ocean. Limited to 33 pieces each and available 4-weeks after you order. The Linde Werdelin 3-Timer Midnight has a dark blue dial textured calf strap and a rubber strap. The dark blue tone should remind you of the ocean, according to Linde Werdelin. And here's where there was some confusion (at least with me), as Linde Werdelin also introduces the 3-Timer Ocean, which is also blue, and should also remind you of the colour of the ocean. It is a different, lighter, tone of blue, as you can see. The Midnight version is much darker, perhaps a bit more timeless while the Ocean version has this lighter 'harder?blue tone. The 3-Timer Ocean comes only with a blue rubber strap, matching perfectly with the dial.

The textured dials of the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer models are for a large part responsible for my enthusiasm of this model. They are guilloché textured and really add depth to the design. Not only the case has a lot of depth, due to the angles and combination of polished and matt finishing, also the dial adds a lot to this concept.

The name 3-Timer refers to the fact that we are dealing with a GMT fake watch here. Using the ETA2893-A2 movement, you are able to set the GMT hand independently from the normal hour hand. With the rotating bezel, you can either select the 24-hour indication or use it as a third timezone indicator.

Linde Werdelin's 3-Timer measures 44mm (w) by 46mm (l) by 15mm (h), by no means a small watch. The first picture in this article of my fake watch box with the 39mm Royal Oak and 42mm Ingenieur should give you an impression. The 3-Timer is water resistant to 300 meters (~30 bar), so with the rubber strap mounted to it you can use this fake watch near and in the water without any problems.

Where the Oktopus and Spido replica watches easily retail over ?0.000, these Linde Werdelin 3-Timers (categorized as 'Classic? are priced at GBP4600 (ex VAT). With the exception of the 3-Timer Midnight, that has a retail price of GBP4900 (ex VAT). The fact that this fake watch comes with an extra strap probably explains the difference in price from the other 'Classics? Since Linde Werdelin uses 'Classic?in their e-boutique for the 3-Timer re-editions, I can't help to wonder what other replica watches they will bring back. Perhaps some more 3-Timer variations, but we could also see the return of other models that have been discontinued in the past.

Visit the official Linde Werdelin website for more information, ordering and their Pre-Owned watches.

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