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Linde Werdelin 3-Timer fake watch Review

It isn't that some things are better left unsaid, it is rather that something cannot be said at all. Instead they need to be seen. This is the case with many a luxury watch. I can present you with a full dissertation on their feature set, beauty, and wearing enjoyment, that will do little to replicate the actual feel these timepiece have while on your wrist. So take my words for the significant value that they are worth, but if you are ever skeptical about a timepiece I endorse, then do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. Having said that I want to share my experience with the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer fake watch with you. An interesting timepiece that has the makings of a true icon.

The 3-Timer comes in a dizzying array of several highly limited editions. Some with 222 pieces other with just 22 pieces. In 18k yellow gold or steel (or with both), a few dial colors, as well as strap options are available. I discussed at some length the fake watch and its various versions in these two previous articles on Linde Werdelin 3-Timer fake watch line (click for the first and second article on the watch). There you can also see more images of the various versions of the timepiece. This particular version is in steel with the brown dial and brown strap. The strap is an interesting element and I will discuss it right away. First of all, I love how Linde Werdelin does their straps. The tapering and style of how they are connected to the case are elegant but still manly. I also like the quality feel to the deployment and how easy they are to make comfortable. Linde Werdelin has many different strap styles and materials. This one is?leather I think. It has a segmented look to it, and because it is in brown I have given it the pet name of "worm hide.?Look at an image of an Earth Worm and you'll know what I am referring to. So the strap is certainly something to look forward to on any Linde Werdelin timepiece. If you are interested, Linde Werdelin will even let you try them out for a few days to see how you like them. I give the fake watch a thumbs up for style and fucntion. If the price suits you, then you should certainly investigate the Linde Werdelin fake watch line.

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Going next to the case you have the now familiar Biformeter case style that retains its basic shape over the different Linde Werdelin replica watches for a very specific reason. If you aren't familiar with the line, then let me tell you that Linde Werdelin offers several "instruments?that are small computer that attach on top of the watch. Currently they have the "Rock?and "Reef?instruments available. The shape of the case is specially made for the devices to attach right on to them. The case shape is also very attractive and represents what feels like a lot of thoughtful design work. It has a combination of functional and aesthetic elements to it, worthy of the finest classic sport replica watches out there. Linde Werdelin took a very hard segment to properly innovate it, and successfully did so with the case.

My personal favorite Linde Werdelin cases are the ones in steel or gold. The reason being that you can fully appreciate the contrasting polished and brushed finishes on the case surfaces. However, if you are going to be highly active with your watch, you might want to explore getting one of Linde Werdelin's DLC (diamond like carbon) coatings that is very strong and scratch resistant. Of course the gold cased versions are going to be the most luxurious (and expensive) of the bunch.

Linde Werdelin specifically wanted to tone down the dial of the fake watch line for the 3-Timer. It wanted to give it a more formal look that you could wear with a suit and tie, and not just your spy gear. Thus, you'll see that the hour markers and hands are all a bit more subdued. Still, they are applied and covered with SuperLumiNova for night viewing. The result is not quite as bright as the Linde Werdelin 2- Timer fake watch that I previously reviewed here, but like I said, has a more elegant charm to it. You'll also notice the fantastic looking dial pattern that the 3-Timer line has. Linde Werdelin takes a series of concentric circles and cuts them up like too many slices of pizza for a look that reminds me of how a large maps is divided for longitude and latitude. The pattern is cut deep into the dial and makes for a good texturing. The "global?look of the dial is also good as it is a GMT watch, so travelers are going to want one of these.

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Being a GMT watch, you can see the long thin GMT hand with an arrow at the end. The fake watch features a bi-directional 24 hour rotating bezel, which you use in combination with the GMT hand to tell the GMT time. The GMT hand can be synchronzied with the regular time (to see the standard time in GMT format), or can be independently set for a second timezone. You can rotating the bezel to offset the time that gives you the ability to track a third time zone. Thus, you have the ?-Timer?watch. Having an automatic ETA 2893-A2 movement inside, the GMT hand is adjusted in 1 hour increments only. Which is VERY nice to have. This makes it easy and quick to adjust the GMT hand accurately. The previous ?-Timer?watch has a diver's bezel instead of the GMT bezel, but otherwise the functional operation of the replica watches are similar. Still, the design differences make the 3-Timer it's own beast, and a step in the right direction for the energetic young brand.

The more I wear the watch, the more it impresses me. The best way to judge a fake watch design is by wearing it on and off in the midst of wearing other watches. That way you get a sense of comparison and you can appreciate that one fake watch makes you feel better than other. If only this technique was socially acceptable to do with women, but I digress. The 3-Timer fake watch isn't for every occasion, but it satisfies in most of them. I return to the concept that it is good for both sport and a suit. A concept that many replica watches aspire to, but many fail to achieve. Price for the line is in the 4,000 ?4,800 euro range for the non-gold versions. Prices go up to about 18,000 euros for full 18k gold models. This brown dialed version comes in a limited edition of just 22 pieces, so it is closer that 4,800 euro price.

To buy or learn more about the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer fake watch go here.

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